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basins and TANKS

for industry

40 years of experience in reinforced plasticS

KN Composite built its first reinforced plastic basins in the early 1980s. Ten years later thermoplastics became popular in industry alongside fiberglass. Today, KN Composite mainly manufactures thermoplastic tanks and basins.

Thermoplastic is lightweight, easy to shape and particularly resistant to chemicals. In addition, clean polypropylene PP and polyethylene PE can be recycled.


Reinforced plastic works better with certain chemicals, making fiberglass a more economically and ecologically sustainable solution in some applications.


Various basins are required for industrial surface treatment processes, for example:

  • pickling basin

  • aeration basin

  • wastewater basin

  • sedimentation basin

  • safety basin

Reinforced and thermoplastic safety basins are available from KN Composite.

Reinforced basins are built from molds and thermoplastic basins are made by machining. Machining is why KN Composite’s delivery times are short.


Old basins and tanks can be coated with a covering coating. The coating material is selected based on where it is used and the chemical properties.


It is more economically and ecologically sensible to coat industrial concrete, steel, and reinforced plastic basins with spray coatings. These are for example KNC nanopolymer, epoxy or polyuretan. This avoids extra work steps such as breaking concrete or rebuilding.


Sometimes gluing and anchoring a thermoplastic tank proves to be the best coating solution. In some applications, the reinforced plastic coating is recommended due to the properties of the chemicals used in them.


  • Thermoplastic containers

  • Reinforced plastic​ tanks

  • Coating of old tanks

The chemical resistance of thermoplastic containers is good, and the manufacturing process is fast. Thermoplastic is also light, so it is easy to move. KN Composite has polypropylene and polyethylene sheets of various strengths, as well as PVDF and PVC sheets used for aggressive chemicals in stock.


KN Composite tanks are always subjected to strength calculations before manufacture. The operating temperature of the site, possible hydrostatic pressure and the specific gravity of the chemical are taken into account. The calculation also considers the assumed lifespan of the tanks. The strength calculation acts as a guarantee for the manufacturer.



All materials to be coated with plastic should be roughened to obtain an adhesive surface. Corroded or previously treated surfaces must also be cleaned before treatment. That way the new coating is as long-lasting as possible. KN Composite effectively cleans and roughens large surfaces such as scrubbers, gas ducts, tanks, and basins with sandblasting.

Sandblasting is part of the overall solution for coating work. KN Composite has its own sandblasting equipment, so the company can offer all the work from cleaning to plastic coating.

KN Composite is a specialist in industrial plastic solutions.
It also offers the following products and services.


Reinforced plastics pipes, thermoplastics pipes and composite pipes and their parts.


Plastic, wood, and metal machining services under one roof.


KN Control is a proactive maintenance method for reinforced plastic products. It can be used to monitor corrosion levels of fiberglass pipelines and tanks.

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