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Machining services

guarantee quality and speed


The processing of reinforced plastic is mainly manual work, while the working steps of thermoplastic can be easily machined. Thanks to machining, processes are faster and quality is improved.

KN Composite is constantly updating its fleet.

The latest investment is a five-axis CNC machine that processes pieces up to 3000 x 1500 x 1200 mm in size. CNC milling machine is mainly used in the company's own production, so the used pieces will be smooth and of the right size.

CNC machining is also offered for customer needs. The pieces can either be processed directly from customers' own models or it is possible to use the engineering service available through KN Composite.


materials to be machined

Among other things, we work with the following plastics:

  • Polyamides (PA)

  • Polyacetals (POM)

  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PETP)

  • UHMW PE 1000, PE 500, PE 300

  • Polytetra (PTFE)

  • Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDF)

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Phenol resins (PF)

  • Polyurethane (PUR)

  • Polybenzimidazole (PBI)

  • Polyamideimide (PAI)

  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

  • Polyphenylene sulphide PPS

  • Polyphenylsulphone (PPSU1000)

  • Polyetherimide (PEI)

  • Polysulphone (PSU)

  • Vetronite

  • G Etronax

  • Isovalli

Upcoming plastic table:

water cutting

For some plastic and rubber types, the most efficient processing method is water cutting. For example, tough and soft natural rubber (Linatex) is best suited for water cutting. We also work with metals such as steel, aluminium and copper with the water cutter.

Abstract Water

KN Composite is a specialist in industrial plastic solutions.
It also offers the following products and services.


Reinforced plastics pipes, thermoplastics pipes and composite pipes and their parts.

basins and tanks

Reinforced and thermoplastic basins and tanks. Coatings for basins and tanks.

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