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A METHODICAL plastic builder in industrial sites

KN Composite's story dates back to 1978, when young Ossi Leppikangas found a book about sailing around the world and got a spark to get his own sailboat. The money was tight, so he had to make one himself. Hence Ossi went to Kokkola to learn the ropes of fiberglass construction and built his first sailboat in his own yard. After one boat, the desire to build more and even bigger boats, grew. The Sailboats of Kuitunikkarit were fast and durable, and therefore they are all still in use today.

Ossi was an accurate man, so his fiberizing skills were good. He got even more fiberglass orders, and soon he had to make a choice between a career as a factory worker or as an entrepreneur. Kuitunikkarit was established in the summer of 1980. The small and skilled company was quickly noticed on a larger scale, and soon the first parts for fish farming were ordered from it. The garage quickly became too small for large appliances.

Kuitunikkarit built its own premises in the Torppi industrial area, where the company still operates. With the new premises, the company became more visible, and the doors opened to the industry. Then there was demand for thermoplastic as well as reinforced plastic.

When working with industrial chemicals, Kuitunikkarit has learnt about the properties and suitability of plastics even in the most demanding conditions. Today, the company is run by Ossi's son Ilkka, who, due to Ossi's untimely death, started as the manager of the family business when he was only 30 years old. Ilkka decided to focus on industry and mechanized operations. The company was renamed KN Composite. 

KN Composite

has developed into a methodical plastic builder for industrial sites. The company's goal is to become a pioneer in environmentally friendly plastic solutions. Ilkka believes that this can be achieved with the best possible planning and foresight.

A third-generation Leppikangas, Niko, has become a member of the family business, and with his technical know-how has made it possible to go forward on the path towards the goal.

Kn composite staff


40 years of experience in the plastics industry

Ilkka, the firstborn of the Leppikangas family, became acquainted with the fiberglass world only at the age of 10 when he helped his father Ossi with reinforced plastics. Kuitunikkarit was Ilkka's first summer job and later the source of additional income during his studies. After the military service, Ilkka became a full-time employee in the company.


Ossi and Ilkka worked side by side, so the son learnt the ropes of the trade from his father in practice. At the turn of the millennium, Ossi became seriously ill, and Ilkka had to quickly take over the management of Kuitunikkarit. Even though Ilkka is only 50 years old, one can easily say he has 40 years of work experience in the plastics industry and for 20 years he has been the CEO of the company and an entrepreneur.

Ilkka Leppikangas

Do you need solutions for the plastics industry? 


KN Composite has four permanent employees. Ilkka works on the operational side, and on the production side, there are three full-time employees: Niko, Olli and Hasan. In addition, KN Composite has also seasonal employees. Employees are an asset to the company. Their expertise can be used to finish projects reliably.

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