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Fish Swimming

fish farming

Customized tanks, modern equipment and transport tanks for fish farming

40 years of experience in fish farming

KN Composite built its first fiberglass fish farming tanks already in the early 1980s. Since then, the company has accumulated its expertise in fish farming processes and is able to offer solutions for various stages of fish farming.

tanks for fish farming

Fish farming tanks are built almost without exception from molds. KN Composite has an extensive mold base, so the company can manufacture juvenile tanks, rearing tanks and broodstock tanks even with a fast delivery time. Tank molds can be adjusted so that they can be tailored based on location and the purpose of use. KN Composite's molds are smooth and strong in quality, so that no dents or holes can form in them. The products are pressure tested and have a 2-year warranty.

KN Composite also builds thermoplastic pools, which are made by machining. This is why KN Composite’s delivery times are short.



fish farming equipment

For forty years, KN Composite has been cooperating with fish farms of various sizes. KN Composite offers all the equipment for fish farming, such as incubation troughs, inflows, drains and basin sieve structures.

tanks for fish transport

The transfer of fish from one tank to another takes place using weighing and transfer tanks that are from 420 to 500 litres in size. When fish are moved elsewhere for planting, the size of transport containers can increase to up to 2,600 litres.


KN Composite offers a wide range of transport container molds for reinforced plastic containers. Thermoplastic tanks, on the other hand, are welded to size from sheets. New tanks can therefore be manufactured very quickly: the minimum delivery time is 3 weeks.


KN Composite is a specialist in industrial plastic solutions.
It also offers the following products and services.


Reinforced plastics pipes, thermoplastics pipes and composite pipes and their parts.

basins and tanks

Reinforced and thermoplastic basins and tanks. Coatings for basins and tanks.

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